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All Valve Industries' plan for a 'low lead' brass product range

June 2019

With the increasing focus on lead reduction in brass products in Australia, All Valve Industries (AVI) will begin to label their documents, brochures, and other marketing material with a ‘low lead’ logo to indicate which of our products contain reduced lead levels. We are supportive of this transition for the Australian market and are keen to work with industry to successfully move to a low lead environement.

Caleffi already manufactures a vast range of their plumbing products in low lead brass alloys for various international markets and so it has been fortunate that many of those products are readily available and some of which are already being imported to Australia. Although there is only a handful of products currently produced for the Australian market with a low lead brass alloy, it is All Valve Industries' aim to migrate our key product range to low lead in the coming years.

The most common ‘leaded’ brass alloy composition currently utilised by Caleffi for DZR brass is CW602N. It contains, on average, approx. 2% lead. The low lead brass composition that Caleffi uses is a dezincification resistant alloy CW724 and will be the main brass alloy moving forward. This alloy has a lead content of < 0.1%, making it suitable for all markets.

While many reference the term ‘lead free’, based on the S.3874 ‘Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act’ by congress in the USA, the official terminology in Australia is yet to be defined. In the USA, ‘lead-free’ is defined as;

“… not more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes and pipe and plumbing fittings and fixtures.”

Until such time as the Australian market agrees on a common term for the reduced lead content, as well as the acceptable lead levels in brass alloys, then All Valve Industries believes the ‘lead free’ term is somewhat misleading as there is in fact still some lead present. Therefore, AVI will simply state that the product is ‘low lead’ with this corresponding logo.

Low Lead - Lead Free



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