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Warm Water System

The 'Tempermate' Warm Water System solution incorporates market leading Caleffi 25mm TMV technology to deliver safe temperature controlled heated water between 38 - 50°C for installations such as healthcare, aged care facilities, schools as well as a variety of commercial applications.

The Tempermate unit offers an inbuilt thermal disinfection feature which, when used together with a UV disinfection system, provides a suitable level of protection from Legionella in the warm water system for most sites. Alternatively, copper silver ionisation can be offered as a superior solution for effective control against Legionella as it provides a residual disinfectant as well as eradicates biofilm from within the pipes.


APT Warm Water System   Downloads
thermostatic mixing valve
  • Reduced installation and maintenance cost
  • Fully engineered and factory assembled.
  • Watermarked components & NSW Health Approved

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'S' Series Ultraviolet Disinfection System   Downloads
solar mixing valve
  • Chemical free disinfection with no harmful by-products
  • Used in conjunction with thermal disinfection
  • Economical and easy to maintain.

Accuion Copper Silver Ionisation   Downloads
solar mixing valve
  • Control Legionella, mico-organisms, scale and biofilm.
  • Models available up to 1,200 l/min
  • Proportional dosing of water for accurate CU-AG levels
  • Provides safe, non-corrosive control with residual effect


Note that under the Plumbing Code of Australia 2019, warm water systems are not a deemed-to-satisfy solution. The Tempermate is NSW Health approved and may be installed into healthcare facilities as required, however, for commercial or residential applications, please contact us to discuss a possible performance-based solution to allow the installation of the Tempermate into your building.



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